HosTinger vs SiteGround Which is the Best Hosting Provider in 2020

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HosTinger vs SiteGround: Choosing the best web hosting for your site is an important key in your online endeavor. To avoid downtime you need to consider server performance and security and gain optimal web hosting experience among many other factors.  Do you start a blog with Bluehost

A quick snapshot:

HosTinger: Hostinger is basically popular for its affordable packages and low prices. The platform currently supports thousands of websites around the world. The system has a decent support team and good performance rate.

Siteground: SiteGround is one of the more experienced hosting providers that has been on the market for 14 years. The operating platform powers more than 2,000,000 sites and offers a selection of features and add-ons at relatively low prices. Great uptime and security means make this company extremely popular with users.

This siteground vs. hostinger comparison is the main difference as well as highlighting the possible hits and misses of the two popular hosting companies. Let me cross that point and its t.

1. Hostinger Features

HosTinger: Ease of use – Great feature for newcomers without any technical background. The platform offers its custom control panel which is more user friendly compared to the traditional themed dashboard. Once you sign in, you’ll see all the settings and devices from you on the home screen. Getting there is easy, while the setup process is easy.

  • Free Options – Although Hostinger is a budget platform, it also offers some free features including SSL certification and marketing options. These may seem quite basic, but the bad news is that you need to upgrade to a business or premium to access them.
  • Custom Website Builder – An Intuitive Drag and Drop Website Builder is a good solution for non-technicians who find it bold to work with CMS. The tool is available for free.
  • WP-Optimized Hosting – The platform is a good idea for those who plan to launch a blog or other website type in WordPress. You’ll find thanks to WordPress built-in caching plugins that improve WP-optimized servers, ready-to-use plugins, and add-ons to improve website performance.
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SiteGround Features

SiteGround: SiteGround has more advanced feature options that are compatible with all major CMS platforms, including WordPress. In other words, here you will find literally everything you need for website customization, tracking, promotion or analysis.

  • Free Security – The site provides a variety of security packages, including a set of free features. These include regular monitoring, updates and DDOS protection and enhanced packages with IP blacklist, spam experts, free SSL, etc.
  • ECommerce – The platform is an instant eCommerce solution and easy to install applications like WooCommerce offers no need to integrate other services no.
  • WP Managed Hosting – The feature ensures fast and smooth operating of the website thanks to automatic plugin updates, caching tools, super cover integration and much more.
  • Free Website Builder – You can start building your own website from scratch using an intuitive drag-and-drop platform (web-based).
  • Extra WordPress Tools – If you still want to stick with WordPress CMS, you will find a huge tool to customize your website. These are easy to apply with any special skill required.

2. Performance

Hostinger: Hostinger does a great job in terms of performance. However, we have been seeing some declines over the last few months. For example, according to the latest tests, the average loading speed has decreased slightly from 386ms to 400ms. The rate is still very good and higher than performance.

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SiteGround: In terms of loading speed and uptime, the site ground looks innocent. The platform does not use third party solutions and instead uses its self-crafted technology. This results in data centres located in various cities around the world, including Chicago, Singapore, Amsterdam, London and many more, as well as a 99.99% uptime rate.

3. Security

Hostinger: Hostinger has a good security package that basically carries normal devices. It also provides an additional selection of additional features and integrations that deal with the detection and elimination of malware:

  • Ability to integrate Cloudflare and Spamassassin.
  • Free SSL encryption for business and premium customers.
  • Weekly and daily updates depending on the plan.
  • Bittenja protection tools that come as an all-in-one protection solution with all the features of the pack. The package includes DDOS and XXS fraud protection as well as ways to prevent any kind of scam.

SiteGround: SiteGrounduses the latest security technology to monitor malware, backup, deal with hacker protection and more. The system firewall filters protect both hardware and software from DDoS and other attacks.

  • The company has created some of its own security measures. HackAlert is one of them.
  • It scans the system in search of potential malware and predicts various digital threats.
  • To fight against malicious bits and hackers, the platform uses IDS / IPS system.
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4. Customer Support

HosTinger vs SiteGround Both platforms offer similar ways to stay in touch. However, SiteGround does not restrict access to users who have not subscribed to a particular plan.

5. Pricing Policy

Hostinger: gives three big plans. All of these are quite affordable. This is what makes the platform special. Customers can choose from the following packages:

  • Single plans start at 80 to 0.80 per month with 100 GB of bandwidth. It only lets you create a website and has no security features.
  • Premium plans start from 15 2.15 per month with unlimited bandwidth and number of websites. Weekly backups are available with the plan.
  • Business plans featuring all the benefits from previous plans except free SSL and daily backups start at 45 2.45.

SiteGround: is also a good hosting solution for websites that require more complex or terms of features and functionality.

  • The startup plan is good for small and medium websites starting at 3.96 per month.
  • Groberg plans range from. 45.45 per month to 20GB web and unlimited websites, free site builders, 24/7 support, etc.
  • With advanced priority support, free website migration, PCI loyal servers and many more, Gogik Plan starts from 95 11.95 per month.

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